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Labyrinth Dreamer - Build Mazes, Solve Mazes is a video game in which you draw and decorate complex garden mazes. You visit other players' mazes and must find the exit of these mazes in a limited number of steps.

Each player builds one maze, which grows in regular steps while he progresses through the game.  The builder can add elements (e.g. misleading signs, fog, mud) to his maze to confuse visitors and make it more difficult for them to find the exit.  He can also add decorative items and focus on building a beautiful experience.

Players must visit other players mazes to earn Gold for the construction of their own maze.  The visitor must complete the visit in a set number of steps.  Before and during the visit, he can choose boosters (e.g. a compass, springs, secators) that help him find the exit by showing him the correct direction or by outwitting the elements placed in the maze to confuse him.

After the religious wars of the first half of the 17th century, the European aristocracies have been tamed by their kings and are enjoying a period of prosperity and artistic development. Beautiful castles are being built; painting and sculpture have reached a new pinnacle of refinement; baroque music is at its very best. The gardens of that era are emblematic for its rich sophistication, combining measure and playfulness, greatness and attention to detail. 

Recently, wealthy individuals have started to measure up against each other in a new art form: they are splashing large amounts of money on building beautiful and complex garden labyrinths!  You have joined the competition and hired a gifted young landscape architect to counsel you.  You’re about to build your first maze.  Will you have the talent and resources to create one of the most difficult and beautiful labyrinths of the realm?

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