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Become a Legendary Spirit and embody the FILD powers of Forest, Ice, Lava and Desert as you command your Monster armies. Grab territory from your enemies wherever you can, but betrayal is always a risk!


These Renegade Monsters will be quick to turn on you. You’ll need all your cunning to ensure their loyalty and emerge victorious in this territory conquest tabletop game

Play against FILD Spirits and progress on a range of challenging boards. Complete streaks of victories and show off your awesome territory conquest skills. Win Gold by completing quests and use boosters to beat your strongest enemies. 

Download the free app for Android and iOS. 


Single player board game


Zombies are brainless corpses reanimated by a crazed scientist in an experiment gone horribly wrong!


Skeletons are soldiers from an ancient battle who refused to give up fighting, so put them to good use!


Vampires are immortal creatures of the night with a vulnerability to sunlight or a stake through the heart.


Werewolves are cursed to transform into beasts every full moon and use their sharp teeth and vicious claws in battle.


Oni are gigantic, ogre-like creatures from Japan. They carry large iron clubs and are extremely strong.


Cyclops are strong, stubborn and brutish one-eyed creatures. You don't want to make them angry.


Martians are alien invaders from outer space who use superior technology to dominate the battlefield.


Phantoms are deceased souls with unfinished business, here to frighten your enemies into submission.


FILD is a turn-based, Risk-style territory conquest board game. Your goal is to score a higher number of points than your opponent. Points are earned through territory conquestBigger territories are made up of a higher number of fields and are worth proportionally more points than smaller territories.

You are playing as a FILD SpiritForest, Ice, Lava or Desert – and use the Spirit power to command your Renegade Monsters to go out and grab land. 


You receive six Monsters at the start of the game. There are exactly eight pawns of each Monster Family in game. You take it in turns to use Monsters to grab empty territories on the map. If a territory turns to your Spirit color, it is under your control. 


You grab territory from your opponent by placing a Monster of a certain Family next to one or more Monsters of the same Family which are currently under the control of your opponent. Your Renegade Monsters are only truly loyal to their own Families and will switch sides when a new Family member joins them! 


Each time you place a Monster and grab land, you’ll receive a random new Monster in your hand. If you keep track of what Monsters have already been played, you can figure out what Monsters your opponent might have! It's down to you to decide whether to take a risk and grab land, or play it safe and secure your territory. 


Conquest of territories passes back and forth between you and your AI opponent, as your points rise and fall in this turn-based tabletop game, until all of the empty fields are conquered. Then it’s game over and time to see which FILD Spirit won! 


You will progress continuously and play on bigger boards. Pre-populated boards will appear at level 10 and provide you with new challenges. You'll also face tough, short puzzles, for which the ultimate solution might remain elusive.


The AI opponents - the mean automatons created by presumptuous God-defying men - will become stronger and stronger. After having fought the beautiful Galatea and the wooden Pinocchio, you'll face the robotic Futura Maria, the Golem made of clay and the fallen angel Frankenstein. But your strongest fiends will be the beam-shooting Gort and, finally, the godlike Osiris.


Check out the territory points guide hereafter to see how much different sizes of multiple connected fields controlled by a single Monster Family are worth.  


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