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Comic Chat - FAQ


If I buy a package, will my contacts also have to buy it to chat with me?

If you buy a package and use it to initiate a chat with your contacts, they won't have to buy that package to chat with you.

If I buy a package, will it expire?

Packages don't expire. They can also be used as many times as you want.

A chatter that's not in my phone's contact database insulted, bullied or sexually harassed me.  What should I do?

Take a step back and think.  If it wasn't that bad and he or she isn't likely to pester anyone else, go to his or her profile screen and delete him or her from your chat history.  If he or she is probably a true nuisance to the Comic Chat community, report him or her on the same screen.

I can't find one of my contacts in Comic Chat. What should I do?

Go to your contact in your mobile phone's contact database. Make sure your contact's mobile number is formatted +1 310 123 1234 with a "+" (instead of a "00", "010", etc.) before the international prefix and WITHOUT a "0" before the mobile phone prefix (e.g. "310" instead of "0310"). If you made a change, re-import your contact database into Comic Chat by tapping on the green "+" icon.

Can I write what I want?

Your chats are private and encrypted. Nobody, not even the Comic Chat team, has access to them.

Can I export chats?
You can't export chats.  The authors have licensed you the right to use their characters and panels to chat with one person, but not to share your conversation with other parties.

Can I take screenshots, record the screen or make screen-cast?
Screenshots are blocked, as is recording your screen or screen-casting.  The authors have licensed you the right to use their characters and panels to chat with one person, but not to save your conversation outside of the app or to publish it online.

Will you introduce a means to publish chats?
We won't allow chats created with Comic Chat to be published in any way. 

The Comic Chat app on my mobile phone has become big.  What should I do?

Uninstall the app and re-install it with the same phone number.  Comic Chat will only download the packages you're using.  You won't have to buy the packages you've already bought again.

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